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Nurturing creativity is essential for a child's development- 

it allows them to express themselves in ways that feel safe for them,

to push past fears and explore new things, and to find their

own voice as a creative individual.





Best known for her work with ABC Kids playing Hootabelle on the much-loved preschool program Giggle and Hoot. Jemma is a children's music specialist, performer and ABC published artist with a great passion for musical play and storytelling. 


Born in Perth, Western Australia, Jemma spent her younger years pursuing music and holds a Bachelor of Classical Music. A passion for music, dance and theatre led to an exciting and creative career in children's live performance and television. Through community based projects and family workshops, Jemma has found great love in connecting families through music and nurturing a child's growth and curiosity with creativity and imaginative play.


Now Melbourne based, Jemma can be found touring with Giggle and Hoot (ABC), Andy's Big Adventures (BBC) , her own storytelling shows with Little Jem Productions, or visiting early childhood centres to give fun, inspiring music classes. Jamming with Jemma digital content can be found on Lost in Books TV.

Jemma has over 13 years experience teaching children of all ages, and holds a current Working with Children's Check

Meet Jem




'Pat-a-Cake' - Lost In Books




'Down By the River Gum' - written by Jemma Armstrong, produced by Sean Peter 

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