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What we do in our classes:

  • Play with percussion instruments while we explore human expression and the many creative ways to tell a story through different sounds and styles of playing

  • Dance to the beat as a group with basic and fun choreography, or with free expression with a variety of fun props to choose from as we explore how the music makes us feel, and how we might move to it to depict a story or a character

  • Learn new topics about the world we live in through lots of well-known and original songs and stories from a variety of cultures and historical periods

  • Collaboration to create our very own songs and dances

  • Have fun! With so many themes to explore, songs to dance to, games to play and stories to tell, Jamming with Jemma classes are stimulating, all inclusive and always jam packed full of laughter and fun!

Music is so much fun! But how does it support

early childhood development?

Playing instruments involves body coordination, listening to others to create a unified sound, and the fine motor skills needed to grasp clap sticks or wiggle the fingers in finger-play nursery rhymes. 

Did you know that playing music requires the same parts of the brain involved in learning language? Singing, embracing new melodies, and learning instruments strengthens pathways in the brain for sound processing and comprehension, and we are always learning new words and letters in our songs.

Playing with simple rhythms, and counting and drawing beats on a whiteboard introduces children to pattern recognition, simple addition, as well as the fundamental basics of music notation.

Music has always been a significant part of human culture. It is a way of bringing the community together, sharing stories and bonding with others. Playing and singing as an ensemble creates a powerful sense of unity, and encourages cooperation and shared expression in a playful and loving environment.

Practicing an instrument and seeing yourself improve with practice is wonderfully rewarding, and teaches the value of perseverance. Jamming with Jemma classes also provide opportunities for children to practice their skills in front of others, where they are always met with lots of applause and warm encouragement.

Fine Motor Skills and Coordination

Language Development

Introducing Basic Mathematics

Listening and Teamwork

Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem

Early Years Learning Framework of Australia




Family - Friendship - Community - Safety

Fun - Play - Challenges

Discoveries - Learning - Identity

- we use the EYLF to structure our program

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